Kawasan falls to Osmeña peak are two great natural wonders that have been inviting tons and tons of non-local and foreign guests in the province as they are always amazed of how both places remained natural and scenic as it was before. Time and time again, locals constantly have been meeting their guest’s expectations as to make sure that their stay and adventure will be worthwhile and their time. There are assigned local tourist guides to every tourist or group to ensure their security and that their day itinerary will be met.

Kawasan falls is one waterform that stood out from the rest in the province and it is not just tourists coming in the place that are enjoying but the locals as well especially those that are situated in the city. Osmena peak on the other hand is a landform most visited by city locals as they most of the time camp on the peak. The area gives them a perfect view of Cebu’s south overviewing vast lands and its shorelines. A perfect sunset is very noticeable apparently. There is also a trail from Osmena peak that’ll lead to Kawasan falls which is a perfect activity especially those who are in to outdoor adventures – trekking. 

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