2 unique tricks to lose weight

Weight loss with dieting is not an easy task. People struggle badly to lose weight. More often, people do not have any clue how to lose weight. Several studies suggest that people desire to lose weight but they do not find a way.

Today, I am going to tell you two unique and easy ways to lose weight. It is just like a piece of cake. You must make a 3 week diet review and see whether you lose weight or not. Alternatively, you can see 3 week diet plan pdf to get more details.

Use blue color

It may look strange but this is a very interesting way to lose weight. Many studies have proven that using blue color in your tables and rooms suppresses the appetite.

If you use blue color on your dining tables, then studies reveal that you’ll eat less food. By watching blue color, your mind generates a signal of enough food.

Smell the banana

If you feel hungry, then you must smell the banana immediately. Studies show that the smell of banana reduces the appetite of a person. The smell of banana sends a unique signal to your mind that you are eating bnanana.

Stick to these two tricks to lose weight. I am sure these tricks will help you.

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