Acupuncture is one of the Best Alternative for Chronic Pain

The CDC has recently published guidelines for using opioids. Among the guidelines doctor's actually instruct patients concerning the possible risks involved with opioids.

The guidelines really encouraged using choices for example physical therapy and acupuncture.

At the Personal Wellness Center, we are told by an acupuncturist about how this procedure is really valuable. These very thin needles gently pricking into the body is able to create a massive difference for those coping with persistent pain.

An acupuncturist for 33 years, David Mercier tells us that acupuncture is more than simply healing the painful body parts.

Lots of people have a tendency to possess pain that is persistent and frequently use the pain to relieve.

The Wicomico County Health Department's alcohol and drug prevention coordinator, Cynthia Shifler tells

Shifler tells us that opioids actually don't work for persistent pain, they never have been found to be affectional. She says there other choices to aid mend this pain.

And acupuncture is one of these alternative procedures.

Mercier says it actually tends to get permanent results by going to the source of the pain.

We're told alot of men and women report feeling really relaxed, their depression is lifting, they are more focused and happier with acupuncture. More discussions on chronic pain can be found at chronic pain forums

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