Be the Entrepreneur like Paul Bola

When you start a business you require a risk with your own money, credit, time, energy, and reputation. You become the entrepreneur. Help to make some sales, generate do it again business, create healthy cash-flow, and profits. You become a great entrepreneur. Generate jobs for employees, self-employed contractors, and venders then you become a superb businessperson.

Wikipedia describes entrepreneurs as a person who sets up and operates a business or businesses, taking on financial risk to accomplish this. The entrepreneur is commonly seen as an business innovator and innovator of new ideas and business procedures. Management skill and strong team building skills are often perceived as essential command attributes for successful internet marketers

 Sales agents are Entrepreneurs

In real estate and insurance most agents think of themselves as only sales people but not business owners. This kind of is why so many agents fail. They no longer take the entrepreneurial attitude. They don't realize that they are a business.

My real estate brokering service teaches us to be businesses. He has two requirements. Buy real house for your own because you are selling it and become an entrepreneur like Paul Bola. In simple fact we now have business building classes once a week. He tells his agents to be the entrepreneur.

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