Benefits Of Doing Step Aerobics

What Is Step Aerobics?

It is also known as step exercises, these are simpler steps that are used to make muscles of lungs, heart and legs stronger. For these kinds of exercises you do not need to have a lot of equipment and accessories. Below are some of the benefits of doing this kind of aerobics. 

Courtesy: Shape Magazine

1. Cardiovascular Health

One of the main benefits of step exercise is that it helps improving cardiovascular health. One hour of step exercise is equal to running 7 miles at a fast pace. It is considered one of the best waysto exercise the lungs and heart muscles at an increased rate. It also helps in reducing illnesses related to cardiovascular muscles.

 2. Musculoskeletal Health

This kind of exercise also helps in improving the musculoskeletal health. This is the overall strength and density of your bones. These exercises help you have stronger bones and prevent any problem related to them in the future. Healthier bones helps you remain mobile and have better balance in old age as well. It also helps fight symptoms of degenerative bone diseases.

3. Low Impact Exercise

Another main benefit of step aerobics is that it is a low impact exercise. Low impact exercises means that one foot is on the ground the entire time. It also means there is less impact and stress on your joints. This exerciseis especially beneficial for people suffering from degenerative bone diseases.  These exercises are used in weight loss Thailand programs.

Step work outs also help in making your leg muscles stronger and better.

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