Black Mold Testing – The Initial Step in Fighting Mold

Black mold testing can either be finished with a home testing kit or by signing a professional mold inspector to take samples.

Black Mold Testing Kits

You can buy testing kits that you can practice at home. These come with a swab, solution and test strips. You wipe the black mold, hold it in the solution, and then place it on the strip. The colour will tell you whether it is toxic or not. You can visit if you want to get the tips for the mold removal.

The main benefit of testing kits is that you can use them in just minutes. With a mold inspector, they have to take samples, send them off to a laboratory, and then wait for the results before making a final assessment. This could mean more days where you and your family have to live with possibly toxic mold. Kits are also much cheaper than paying for a full-scale inspection.

The disadvantage is that they are not continuously accurate. For example, the sample taken may not be toxic, but mold in other parts of your house may be.

If you call a proficient inspector, they will come to your house and take samples. They will check surface mold and the mold content of the air. They can provide you with a filled assessment of the toxicity and danger level. A professional inspector can also benefit you taking the essential steps in cleaning and prevention.

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