Brief About Florence City Travel Guide

The city of Florence can well pass for the place with the greatest art in the world. Buildings are adorned in it, and this combined with the great architecture, make the initial statement well worth believing. So you have planned to visit the city and be part of its glory, then you need to have all the travel information that may help you make that necessary trip.You can visit to know more about Florence city travel guide.


Amerigo Vespucci international airport is the one closest to the city, with the driving distance being about fifteen minutes, by bus or taxi in this case.If you opt for the bus, there is the Sita Vola in Bus service that costs 4.50 Euro one-way. It transports to the central train station that gives you access to the other major cities in Italy. The trains are fast and modern and they connect you to the rest of Italy and essentially Europe too.

To get into Florence via car the A-1 Autostrada is the best highway. It connects to Bologna, Milan ,and even Rome. Driving around the city is somewhat confused and if you happen to rent a car, be sure to ask about getting in and out of the city without violating the ZTL- these are rules. Once in the Piazzale Michelangelo, you can make the parking but only for a specified amount of time.

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