Business Cards: Mistakes to Avoid

We already know that Business card represents your Business and creates your first impression in the receiver’s mind. You would never want your card to be piled up in junk files without being noticed by the recipient. If you are looking for unique business cards then you can choose pure metal cards for your business. So to avoid this situation we should not make mistakes mentioned as follows:

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1. Not using Business cards of standard size.

Having a trendy card may sound fun and creative, but it is not always a good idea. Most of the professional keep the Business cards in standard size card holder, pockets or in files. Cards of different sizes and shapes are difficult to store and used.

2. Business card of poor quality.

A poor quality Business card may help you in cutting your expenses but fails to create a good impression on the receiver. This usually happens when you try to DIY for Business cards. Always make sure to use a thick quality material for a good Business card.

3. Trying to completely stuff your Business Card.

Yes I agree we always have so much to write about our organization, but stuffing our Business card with about 100 words is not correct. Instead you should try to be brief and to the point.

4. Not providing with the required information.

Our Business card must have all the important information like name of company, Address, emails, fax numbers, contact numbers, etc.

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