Choosing a Pendant Light for Your Home

Recessed lighting is all very nice in its understated way but the good old pendant light still has a lot going for it. In fact, in some situations, a pendant light really is the only rational choice.

In the kitchen, pendants are ideal for hanging over island units and counter-tops, where they not only look good but provide a neat combination of both task and ambient light. For more information about kitchen pendants you can visit

Whatever type of light fitting you're thinking of purchasing, you should take time to think about the effect you're hoping to achieve, and this means taking into account the size of the space you are planning to illuminate.

Its common sense, after all, that if you're lighting, say, a narrow hallway, you'll need a smaller fitting than if you were lighting a large lounge or dining room. In fact, in the larger space you will need more than one pendant to prevent casting ugly shadows.

You will, of course, choose your new light to match your existing decor and, whether that is traditional or funky, you will find something to suit.

We know nowadays, of course, that lighting is all about effect. Narrow, cylindrical shades can provide some wonderfully graphic effects, with slim columns of light directed straight down. These aren't the only type of shades available; think of a shape and the chances are somebody has designed a pendant light shade to match.

You will find triangles, rectangles, globes, bowls, squares, and probably artful combinations of two or more of them. Pendant lights: beautiful, stylish, effective and, just sometimes, the only sensible choice.

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