Cool Halloween Costume Ideas for Looking Funny

Finding and creating Halloween costumes can be a lot of fun! Numerous people want to find a great costume, without breaking the bank. They also want to find one that will get a good laugh or two. There are so numerous costumes to accomplish this and today I will talk about a few fun Halloween costume ideas.

One funny costume idea would be to dress up as some kind of cartoon character. Simpson's is always a prevalent idea as one year I dressed up as Marge Simpson, and so did another girl at the party I attended. It was quite funny and we ended up having a great time together that night! I simply found a large green towel I used as the dress and a very cheap blue wig online. You can also get Deluxe Italian Mask Enchanted Swarovski via various websites.

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Other ideas in the cartoon category could be discovering a costume like Mr. Potato Head, Elmo, Scooby Doo, or the Cookie Monster. These kinds of costumes are willingly available and will transport the party goers back to their childhood! They are also a great conversation starter as people love to reminisce about their preferred childhood shows!

One year I went to a party dressed up as pumpkin. It was a lot of fun and everybody kept calling me "The Great Pumpkin"! I have also seen costumes that you can dress up as a giant carrot, a box of wine or even a big pepperoni pizza.

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