Dental care for natural and bright smile for senior citizens

As you age, the certain oral disease may develop that may affect not just your teeth but your overall health. There are many infections and disease encounter in your months such as a Dry mouth, Discoloration, Dental Attrition and dental Disease. Discoloration means tooth discoloration and yellowing of teeth to accompany aging. Tooth enamel weakens as you get older causing the teeth to appear yellow. Foods and drinks like coffee, cola and wine and even smoking can stain teeth later in life. For more information about affordable dental health care services, you can visit

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Dry mouth is the reduction in saliva production which is commonly caused by side effects of oral medications, Also known as xerostomia. The condition may be accompanied by difficulty in eating, swallowing, speaking and decrease in taste sensation.

Dental Attrition is the normal to sign of aging which resulting from improper diet and habits such as chewing, grinding, clenching, attrition is wear and tear of the tooth surface. Tooth cavities and decay occur due to progressive break off teeth due to buildup and activities of bacteria on the tooth surface.

In order to prevent your teeth from decay, here are some tips to keep your teeth in good shape and maintain a healthy smile in old age. Use high-fluoride toothpaste in your daily routine. Use an antibacterial mouthwash containing gel to prevent the building up of plaque and bacteria. Oral health doesn't just have to do with your teeth or mouth. Your dental health and oral conditions have an impact on general health.

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