Design Factors for Optimum Use of Images

Critical Web Design Factors for

Optimum Use of Images on a Website

Images have become an integral part of every web site and as such custom web design Toronto firms need to pay more attention to judicious use of images on the website. In this scenario we will aim to provide some details on how to optimally use images on a web site and important factors which designers need to keep note of.

List of Factors for Optimal Use of Images on Web Sites

Selecting Right Images

custom web designYou need to select images according to the product or service you are offering. In case you are selling a product then it is better to show multiple images of the product to help users clearly understand how the products looks. 

Additionally, you need to avoid using a plain background. Displaying a person wearing clothes you have designed, a painting hanging on the wall, or a frying pan over the gas stove look a lot more realistic as compared to things with a plain background.

However, keep note of the fact that too many images can result in users losing focus since it may become confusing. Moreover, avoid using free for all stock images since it is quite likely that those images have been used on other sites as well and reduce value of your site.

Positioning of Images

It is also better to add images close to text which they relate to. In case physical positioning is difficult to achieve then you need to ask your custom web design Toronto firm to put the image code close to the code for accompanying text. 

As for example, in case it is a gardening image then ask your designer to position its code next to the code where gardening has been discussed on the page. Designers can achieve such inclusion by using CSS features.

Resolution and Size of Image

For providing users with faster loading site it is necessary to reduce size of your image files. The other benefits include reduction in bandwidth and better viewing experience for visitors.

In case pictures are saved in higher resolution and then added in smaller space on a web page then it will inevitably result in increasing loading time of your web page.

The solution lies in reducing image file size, lowering width of the image and slightly reducing quality of the image (generally to about 72ppi) which users will hardly notice. 

Titles and ALT Text

The benefit of adding proper alt text and titles for images is that they help search engine robots figure out what the image is about and accordingly include it in their search results. 

The title is displayed by browsers in the form of tool tip and helps users better understand what the image is about. 

Thus title as well as alt text are beneficial both for the search engines and the visitors coming to your web site. 

A Final Note

Thus we will conclude here with a final note that images can be effectively used for improving functionality of your website. Images can also increase visual appeal of any web site if they are used properly.


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