Different Kinds Of Organic Meat Labels


The last time you went organic meat shopping, you saw loads of different organic meat labels on different meat products. It is important that you understand the meaning behind each of them and then differentiate between them when necessary. To help you out, below is a list of different kinds of organic meat labels you might find in stores.

1. Natural or all natural

You might have seen this label on raw cuts of organic meat in Brisbane supermarkets. This shows that the meat has undergone minimum processes and did not contain any preservatives. However, this label gives no information about how the livestock was raised and thus, is different from the ‘naturally raised’ label.

2. Grass-fed

Grass-fed meat is obtained from an animal which had been fed on grass and had access to the outdoors. However, it does not certify whether the grass pastures on which animal fed were free from fertilisers and chemicals or not.

3. Hormone-free

The ‘Hormone-free’ label indicates that the no growth hormones were used on the animals. This label is particularly helpful when you are buying beef products.

4. Free range

The free range label implies that the animals had access to the outdoors. However, it is hard to tell for how much time.

5. Cage-free

This label is similar to the free range one but applies only to hens that lay eggs. It certifies that they had been raised outside cages.

Therefore, a little more information about each label can be really helpful while picking the right organic product.

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