Different Methods That Can Be Followed For Pest Control Treatment

With the increased research and advancement in science, technological etc there are a lot of other approaches that can be undertaken. Today, homeowners have a lot of options and services to choose from that suits their needs. One of the most innovative and eco-friendly approaches that scientists have come up with is the use of natural plant and mineral extracts etc.


In the earlier days, there were not too many options for homeowners while dealing with pest-control but to resort to the toxic chemical treatment methods available. This exposes the environment and also their house with extreme amounts of harmful chemicals. Professional companies are looking for alternative methods of treatment and can also afford the training and certifications that are required for their teams to be fully equipped with these techniques. Look up forBrisbane pest control for professional help.

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Here are a few methods that are available:

  1. Conventional treatments: This is the mostly known and widespread approach where the house is first treated with sprays etc to kill the existing pests, insects, ants spiders etc. Then, there is a regular maintenance schedule that needs to be followed up as a process. This however will expose the house to a lot of harmful and toxic chemicals.
  2. Integrated Pest Management: This is much lesser toxic and the exterminator uses gels, pastes and other mineral extracts based on the insects and pests that the house is infected with.


There are some natural alternatives as well that are less toxic but highly effective. Most of the pest control companies offer complimentary consultation. They pay a visit to fully understand the type of infestation and the intensity.

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