Flashlight Stun Gun Reviews

Stun devices have always been popular as self-defense products but with improvements in technology they can do many more things than just stun an assailant. The Police Force tactical stun flashlight is a good example.

It uses triple shocking innovation which empowers the electrical charge to interchange between three separate contact focuses on the highest point of the gadget. This makes an additional boisterous commotion when enacted, enough that it can conceivably frighten off any aggressor with the sizzling, breaking sounds it makes or seeing the flashes flying forward and backward between the tests.

This is a 7,000,000 volt individual wellbeing gadget that is made to meet the requesting needs of law authorization, military and security experts everywhere throughout the world however surprisingly is presently accessible to regular people for individual security.

 It is made out of an aluminum alloy that is military grade for a shock-proof exterior that has etched ribs on the handle to ensure a firm grip. You can  also buy stun flashlight online through the web.

The ultra-bright flashlight can temporarily blind an assailant making it easier to apply the stun device to disable him. The improved design has the safety switch and a start button on the same side of the unit which allows you to quickly activate the unit and turn off the safety.

There are three levels of safety that have been built in including the on-off switch that has to be in the on position, the function selector switch which must be in the starting position and a trigger that must be pressed before the stun gun will operate.

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