Genes too May Cause Diabetes

Diabetes and Genes – A Study

In a attempt to nail these genes, several Indian and US scientists have set out to study 20 families from four communities the Reddy, Chettiar, Aggarwal and Sikh Khatri both male and females to identify signs of diabetes in men and women where the genes that cause Type-2 diabetes. Experts say the findings might help prevent or delay onset of diabetes in susceptible individuals. The team will make a database that will help them and groups compare type 2 diabetes profiles not just within the subject communities but around the globe.

In India, things are more complex but although he said physicians still mainly link diabetes to obesity in the US.

"A bulk of those with type-2 diabetes have a less than normal BMI, hinting at the role of genes as a leading factor," he said. Blangero has additionally been examining the genes of 85 families in Mexico. He estimated genetic variation was the reason for at least 60% of individuals with type-2 diabetes. "In most instances it's a combination of both -genetic and environmental factors," Blangero said.In type-2, cells in the body do not respond to insulin, the hormone that helps convert glucose from food. This results in glucose build-up in the bloodstream.


Dr Solomon Paul, head of the department of human genetics at SRMU, said, "We expect to open a window to examining this pandemic and come up with targeted drugs because of its treatment," he said.

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