Getting Rid of Acne

Acne does seem terribly unfair, doesn't it? Striking people who would otherwise be attractive and marring their looks, not to mention lowering their self confidence. Some people become so demoralised  by their acne that they do not even want to leave home. And even after pimples do finally go, there is always the danger of them leaving a scar behind to continue tormenting you.

So what can be done?

The most important point is to change your diet. Sugar and refined carbohydrates really do cause spots, so cut them from your diet completely. And if that sounds extreme, ask yourself just how much being free of spots means to you? If it means enough, you will gladly sacrifice fizzy drinks and sweets in return for looking (and being) far healthier. No one needs to eat sugar. Ever. We can live our whole lives without it, and would be far better off doing so.

You also need to give up alcohol, tobacco, and junk food, and replace them with fruit and veg and salad.

Next, invest a few pounds in a pimple extractor. Sterilise it each time you use it, and the spots that refuse to leave when you ditch sugar can be safely sent packing.

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