Golovkin Critics Canelos Previous Performance

Time and time again, Canelo Alvarez has always been criticized on how he showcases himself against his opponents. He may have a great professional boxing record but it has been seen that he has been hand-picking opponents that are out of his league, thus having the upper hand of everything; ergo winning the fight. With Canelo’s previous fight with Chavez Jr., with was a total upset because he wasn’t able to knock out Chavez Jr. which apparently Canelo is the top dog between the two of them. Gennady Golovkin will be Canelo Alvarez’ opponent this September 16 bout. An anticipated fight which made the Canelo vs Golovkin tickets almost sold out.

Canelo Alvarez will have to work hard on his defensive skills if he wants to withstand Golovkin’s power punching power. During several interviews with the media and several conferences as well that Golovkin with conviction stated that he will upset Canelo’s fans in the ring by knocking him out. Golovkin or known by many as GGG or Triple G had seen how Canelo performed on his previous fight with Chavez Jr. and he was not satisfied with what he saw. Canelo is a dangerous fighter and a talented one as well, however, it posts a different story that he has been hand picking fighters to fight him, thus, he always remained the top dog in the fight. Golovkin also stated that he failed to knock out Chavez Jr. although he has a very big advantage over his appearance to be weak and skinny Chavez Jr. Golovkin is confident in himself that he will win the fight and will knock the shorts out of Canelo if he does not step up on his game during their fight. On the same note, Golovkin will make sure that he will give and deliver what the fans of boxing are expected from the fight.

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