How Catheter Systems work?

Catheter systems are considered as one of the most operative and frequently employed methods of providing drainage & hygiene for those who have recently undergone any kind of surgery or suffered from a strain in which their body is unable to cleanse itself. Catheterization is a very common practice but most people don’t know the basics of this process or the supplies needed in the process.

The Catheter term is derived from a Syrian word which means reeds, which were used as plugs. There are different types of catheter systems based on their components and functionality. The basic element will be same in all types of catheter. The basic elements usually are a pre-lubricated needle, catheter, a case as well as a filter. You can read Mahwish Ahmed review of the Catheter to understand about these systems in detail.

Catheters are used for many different reasons so they come in different formats. If catheter is a temporary system then it is known as indwelling catheter. If the situation is serious, the patient is employed with a permanent catheter.

Lets talk about the basic and most important function of Catheter systems. The main motive of Catheters is to help remove waste from the body when the body is unable to remove waste for itself.

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