How to break weight loss platue?

Just recently I had patient who had lost 8lbs in first 10 days but then stopped losing weight and came to our office asking why she wasn’t losing any more weight.  I got little more history and about her lifestyle and told her to make few changes in her lifestyle along with adding a steak day to her diet.

When I say steak day.  It is a day when patients do not eat anything all day.  All they do is drink much water as possible thru out the day but have early dinner.  When they have their early dinner they can eat big steak as they like with tomato or apple.  That day patients are also advised to goto bed earlier than usual time.  Most of the time patients end up losing 1-3lbs by next morning.  And that gets them back on track to lose more weight over next few days.  People consider our program the best weight loss program because we get them to lose weight healthy way and we educate them.

We make everyone at our weight loss clinic available all the time to patients to make sure they succeed in their weight loss goals.  Most of the other programs don’t have this system laid out and their clients or patients are left on their own once they purchase the weight loss plan from them.

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