How To Create A Line Sheet That Sells

Everything that you do in your business should lead towards making a sale that is off-course If you agree that the goal of your fashion business is to sell products.

If you are looking to sell wholesale, one of your main selling tools is going to be a GOOD line sheet.

I’m emphasizing the word GOOD because a not so good line sheet will greatly hurt your sells efforts! Not only jeopardizing a specific sale but also leave a bad impression on the buyer who will doubt how professional or experienced are you! You may also search online for line sheet example via to get the details about the line sheet and how it can be used with unique ideas.

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A good line sheet should answer all the questions that a buyer might have. Making it as easy as possible for them to write an order with no room to think twice or to hesitate.

Just like you want to covert your website visitors into sales, when a buyer shows interest in your line/product, your goal is to convert that into an actual order!

Anytime you present your line to a buyer in person you must have the line sheet with you and hand a copy to the buyer. Many times buyers will write their notes on the line sheet and take it with them to either write the actual order later or simply to keep aa a reference along with a copy of the order. The line sheet will than also help them merchandise all their buys for the season.

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