How to Teach Your Kids to Read

The reading or decoding letters into communicable words is the very essence of education. Without reading and comprehending words, all other advanced learning is either non-existent or extremely difficult. Therefore, making sure your kids learn this skill at a young age should be a top priority for parents. Parents who like to read and are seen by way of a children enjoying publications and other reading materials are already setting a good stage for their children.

As soon as children shows interest and can sit still for at least a couple of minutes, parents or the person responsible for their care should read aloud to them from picture books. As they era, longer sessions will automatically happen as their interest and ability to focus lengthens.You can get children’s books via various websites.  Some very good tips in the reading aloud stages are: 

– Read with inflection and different type voices for characters in the storyplot

– Use your finger to indicate the words being read; little minds begin to understand words quickly

– Cease periodically and ask questions; if your child is not understanding, return back and try again

– Stress the direction of the words left to right and reading from top to bottom; kids need to learn this early

Following being read to for a year or so, children will need and even pretend to be reading the words themselves. Usually they have picked upwards a little something by memory, and it will become a good time to introduce adobe flash cards. Preschoolers can handle about 3 flashcards at a time and when they have a good understanding of those 3, then 2 more can be extra. This method is called "chunking" and is very successful. Repetition is important, and testing the meaning of the word in dialogue with the child.

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