Is Living in a High Rise Condo Best for You?

High-Rise Condos supply an enjoyable way of life, such as luxury amenities unavailable in the majority of single-family houses. At precisely the exact same time a high-rise condominium does not need a number of the normal chores and maintenance that come alongside a normal home. If you want to purchase condos you should know Why One Park Will be a Leading Fort Lee Condominium Complex and why One Park condos are best for you.

Is Living in a High Rise Condo Best for You?

Listed below are a Couple of pros and cons to consider when determining if residing in a full-scale condominium is Ideal for you:

Storage: Are you a packrat? Is your garage full of things from the 70's which you just cannot part with? Bear in mind that space is at a premium in high tech condos. In reality that your monthly HOA dues will most probably be based on the square footage of your condominium, so would you really wish to be paying a monthly fee to get the distance that is just collecting crap? This might be a PRO as readily as a CON for the high-income dwelling.

Pets: Most buildings permit common domestic pets using some size limitations, but nothing exotic (you do not really need a python loose at a 50-story tower). If you are "pet-averse" you should not have difficulty locating a building that's pet-free, or at least large-dog-free.

Noise: A condominium tower is a community, and for that reason, it has rules that govern the neighborhood to keep everybody happy. One of these strictest principles is typically noise management. Most condominium buildings have a "silent period" out of mid-evening to the early morning through which residents must continue to keep down the noise. 

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