Latest Trends In Italian Cooking

Italy is not only liked by tourists for its sightseeing but also for its roadsides cafes and restaurants. Italians enjoy cooking and eating both and they focus on high quality fresh products to make something special to treat their taste buds every time.

There are some traditional cooking techniques that have long been used but there is variation too. Top Italian restaurants Perth has now offer new and innovative ways of cooking for dishes to taste even better. There has been a growing trend of using different techniques in cooking all around the world. Let us look at some of the recent trends used in Italian cooking.

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  1. Candele and ziti pasta – we have all heard about the penne pasta, fusilli but there are old fashioned pastas that are coming back and are seen in Italian restaurants like candele and ziti.
  2. Different ages of parmesan – We have seen parmesan cheese aged 12 months and even 36 months but now there is a wider variety of cheese.
  3. Nduja paste – It’s another form of tomato sauce which is now seen in pizzas and pastas.
  4. Sourdough pizza – its pizza dough which is light and easier to digest. Its fermenting period is 24 hours or more.
  5. Lemon sauce drizzle – If you find Sorrento lemons, it is perfect for making delicious sauces to top your cake for a dinner.
  6. Smoked peppers, cheeses and tomatoes – These smoked ingredients add more flavor to your dish.

Old cooking traditions are cherished by generations after generations but the new trends tried are always good to add just a little more drama in your dish.

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