Lower Level Remodels – What You Need to Know

So you have decided that your current living space is not quite meeting your needs. You have looked the house over and have determined that the best way to maximize your space is by remodeling your lower level specifically, the basement. For many homeowners, the easiest way to increase the living space is not building up or out, but building low.

1) If your basement is a cold space, then don't try to save money by not installing carpet. Rather, install a good quality carpet so that the space is more comfortable and inviting. You can also see polarisbuilds4u for best renovation at affordable low price.

2) If you are planning on creating an open and inviting space, consider having an open stairwell. This will also allow more natural light to come into the basement.

3) Remodeling a lower level is usually cheaper than remodeling other areas of your home. In fact, other areas used for a home remodel will typically run $150 per square foot, while a basement remodel will be between $40 and $75 -especially if the walls and structure are already in place.

4) Consider installing an air purification system, to help improve airflow and quality.

5) Take the time to consider as many of the future uses of the space as possible, then design the floor plan accordingly.

6) Don't use a drop ceiling as this makes the space look cheaper, as well as more closed in.

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