Maintenance Of Good Eyesight And Eye Health

Humans are blessed with five senses and organs supporting these senses. The most important of all are our eyes. 75% of perceptions are formed through the eyes. Clear vision makes this world more beautiful and better place to live. Defects in our vision may impose many of us to use eye glasses or contact lenses.

   Following these simple steps would ensure healthy vision for your eyes.

1. Regular check up of the eyes: Regular visit to optometrist to have eyes checked every two years not only helps in vision related problems, but also detection of glaucoma  and diabetes. Adults should get their eyes tested regularly to check for early signs of eye disease.

2. Protection of eyes from sun: Your eyes might be damaged due to ultraviolet rays from sun. Buying good quality sunglasses can prevent degeneration of vision. Varied collection of  sunglasses, frames and contact lenses  are found here in anne & valentin eyewear miami.

3. Sufficient intake of vitamins: Taking proper care of dietary needs and vitamin supplements is an important part of eye care routine. Well balanced diet supplements should be rich in vitamin A, C and E. For healthy retina antioxidants are very beneficial. These antioxidant is found in leafy vegetables sweet corn and pepper.

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