Making Money with Retail Arbitrage

I think we have all at some point been guilty of paying considerably more for an item online than it would be sold for in a local retail store. Usually, it is out of stock at the local store or is simply just not carried there. While retail arbitrage isn’t necessarily good for the consumer, but can be great for the seller. Many people have found that some decent money can be made from buying products from a retail store, whether it be in the clearance section or other high demand products which have a tendency to sell out, and listing them for sale online at a higher price. A good profit can be made, especially if it’s one of those got to have products.


Being the mother of three children, I have found myself paying more than retail on many occasions. It seems that whichever toy is hot for the season, is the one I wait too long to buy. I have been known to spend more than double the retail value of a toy just to make sure it comes in time for a birthday or Christmas. Selling items purchased at retails locations for a profit requires some knowledge of what consumers will pay. The good thing about online sales is there are no boundaries, the whole world is a potential customer. Products not available in certain locations can now be purchased by anyone.

A good friend of mine has been profiting from reselling retail products for years. Once a month she hits all the clearance racks in the big name stores to load up on inventory. After marking up the prices she puts it all online, often selling to people in states where there is either no retail store location or item is not carried in their location. While (retail arbitrage) is not for everyone, with determination and knowledge it is possible to make a good profit.

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