Middle eastern food thats good for you

In the Middle Eastern dish called, hummus bi tahini, tahini is used as the major chief ingredient. Under the Greek variations, you can go for the cumin, or garlic Greek recipe flavors. The fluid should have a pH of about 6.8. Many health food stores sell pH test paper so you can measure your pH balance at home. So you may ask what is tahini. The tahini paste is an essential ingredient that is used not only in Middle Eastern dishes, but also in other cuisines. In general, Greek yogurt is more expensive than regular yogurt. Tahini is a classic middle eastern food that's also an important ingredient in many vegan, vegetarian, and other healthy recipes – but what is it?

Also eating tahini with more lemons and limes will help balance your ph level as they metabolize in the body as alkaline solutions and lower the acidic level of your ph. Also be sure to cut back drastically on your nicotine and caffeine intake as these do not help your health. Foods with high amounts of acid in them typically throw the ph level off, and an acidic ph level in your body provides a feast for disease and illness to survive.

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