Most Common Makeup Mistakes

Mastering the art of purchasing and applying perfect foundation is not easy. There are so many things to consider while just purchasing a foundation. Every woman spends a lot of time experimenting with foundation to find the perfect shade, formula and way of application. Below are some of the most common make up mistakes that you should avoid.

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1. Testing in the wrong light

It is very important to have the right light when testing any kind of eco makeup especially when you are testing shades of a foundation. Test foundation in yellow light; this is because white light makes your face look dull. Hence it makes you think you need a brighter shade.

2. Not using right brush for applying foundation

Most women use their finger to apply foundation which gives an uneven look. It is important to use the right type of brush to apply it. You need a different brush for each kind of foundation; for liquid base use a beauty blender or a flat brush for best results. For powder foundation, use a kabuki brush to apply the product flawlessly.

3. Not keeping your brushes clean

You are spending hard-earned money for purchasing the right tools to get a flawless look every time you go out. To make these makeup brushes last longer it is essential to clean them after a few days. If you do not wash your foundation brush regularly, the product will get accumulated with dead skin cells and bacteria. This way you are increasing the risk of spreading germs and bacteria.

These mistakes can make the process of getting flawless look very difficult so try to avoid them.

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