Progressive Bi-focal Lenses Are Used In Designer Eyeglasses And Sunglasses

When you are selecting designer eyeglasses and sunglasses, you could choose frames and lenses from the wide variety of options supplied by leading eye wear makes like Zeiss, Varilux, Hart women glasses, etc. Whichever make you go for, you should use lenses of different kinds to create your glasses look more trendy and as much as date. Here is quick look at progressive lenses, the choice for traditional bi-focals which were being used for correcting multiple vision problems. 

Progressive Bi-focals:

Most of us are knowledgeable about bi-focal lenses which are created to serve double or multiple vision problems. However, the visual appeal of bi-focals is poorer than single power lenses that have generated many patients preferring to make use of single power lenses against the suggestion of their optometrists to make use of bifocals. This problem has been solved by the usage of highly advanced progressive bifocals. They're results of intense research and culmination of optometry and engineering. Progressive lenses lack the standard line that differentiates glasses of different powers in the lens. 

This increases its aesthetic appeal and conceals the fact that the bearer has multiple vision problems. It's generated its increased popularity regardless of the fact that they are costlier than regular lenses. Typically, the bigger costs of those lenses are combined with their superior performance over periods of usage longer than usual. Therefore, users of those lenses do not complain and are just very happy to count on the endurance of those expensive lenses. 

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