Quick Ways To Get Rid Of Pimples

Clear, glowing skin. It is what everyone wants, especially girls, who will spend a fortune on any product that promises to give it to them. But all too often our skin is not clear and glowing, and instead is disfigured with pimples. So what can you do when you wake up one morning and find a big pimple has grown on your face overnight?

Some people suggest putting toothpaste on the pimple for quarter of an hour, to dry it out and cause it to shrink. Others suggest using lemon juice, as the citric acid it contains is said to kill bacteria. Yet others suggest putting crushed aspirin on the pimple, mixing it first with a few drops of water. Aspirin is anti-inflammatory, so it may help.

Other advice is just to cover the pimple up with concealer, although this rarely hides it completely, and certainly won’t make it go away. Makeup creams and powders are far more likely to annoy the pimple in fact, and cause it to swell.



The most responsible response to the pimple is to use a pimple popper extractor. These are the tools that dermatologists use to remove blackhead and whitehead pimples – note that it won’t work on other types. Whereas popping pimples by hand is decidedly unhygienic, since it spreads germs and is liable to cause scarring, popping pimples using one of these tools is very successful. But you must sterilise the pimple popper first, and wash your face thoroughly and then disinfect it afterwards.

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