Reasons to Visit Chiang Mai

1. Weather

They will usually inform you that Chiang Mai gets the best weather should you talk to people in Bangkok. That is as it’s typically cooler than the wet season is not so intense, and also the south – with just a couple of showers per day. Furthermore, the humidity is a lot lower. Sunlight is almost always shinning in Chiangmai.


2. Cost

I need to claim, and I have existed in many different nations, as well as various areas of Thailand, there’s nowhere that beats Chiangmai in terms of value. You can easily locate a flat for as low as £50 per month. As well as the food is inexpensive too. As an example, a plate of poultry and rice will cost you around 60 pence. If you are considering to travel Japan tour from Chiang Mai (also known as “ทัวร์ ญี่ปุ่นจากเชียงใหม่ “ in Thai language) then you can research the different tour sites.

3. Size

Although it is the second largest city in Thailand, you never must travel significantly to be completely surrounded hills and by woods. Infact, from nearly anywhere inside the town, you can see the rich, natural Doi Suthep mountain, standing at approximately 6,000 ft. Although the city itself has roughly 150, the metropolitan area, 000 people comes with an estimated one-million people.

4. Landscape

The landscape surrounding town is excellent. If you’re willing to travel somewhat further afield, there are national parks, a plethora mountainous views and springs. It isn’t surprising that the area can be a preferred location for bikers of most kinds.

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