Spherical Chucks Case for Grinding and Turning Operations

Circular or rotary magnetic chucks are designed to hold a rotating workpiece. Grinding and turning operations are the typical applications for circular magnetic chucks.

A chuck is a clamp used to carry work pieces. Because it preserves put up the moment it is typically found in a host to vices and physical clamps and provides a powerful and homogeneous keeping drive. They’re manufactured in two footprints: rectangular and rounded. Spherical or circular chunks are created to hold a twisting work-piece. Grinding and converting procedures are the standard purposes for circular magnetic chucks. These chucks are mostly employed for possessing parts for example rings or CDs. Find list of rotary chuck manufacturers in Nonthaburi, Thailand. Browse online resources to get more details on rotary chuck manufacturers.


Circular chucks are made from steel and steel top plates using a concentric band that gives utmost opposition to precision and coolant in work piece centering. Dowel pins or screws might be inserted while in the top-plate to resist the high-torque used on lathes, grinders as well as other equipment with heavy pieces.

Pole Types and Message

Magnetic chucks that were circular might be constructed with transverse rod kinds. In pole sorts, the rods run from side across the chuck to side. The pole space differs to chuck and decides how much of the workpiece can be magnetized.

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