The activities in Badian Cebu

Time after time, Region VII wherein Cebu is located has always been on the top of every foreign guests’ itinerary as an ideal place for a vacation. Being a central location in the country, Cebu serves as a central travel hub for foreign visitors and non-locals of the place. Moreover, the province of Cebu has always remained spectacular to first time visitors and eventually turned out to be frequent guests. The place has so much to offer to them which is not found in any tour guide brochures and what not; they need to discover Cebu for themselves.

The province is populated with a lot of tourist spots from land to water forms of various beauty. It ranges as well to towering mountain tops which perfect for a night out camp with friends, to water activities that will definitely keep their adrenaline up; perfect for extreme adventurers. That being said, Badian Cebu for that matter is one of the best choices there is and with a neighboring area which showcases an activity called whale shark watching. Badian is known to be a tourist spot wherein they (tourist) will be tested whether they have the physique and endurance to finish the trek – canyoneering. It is however the perfect activity if they travel in groups.

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