The Best Clay for Claymation

It could seem like a trivial task but choosing the best clay for your Claymation is a key factor for making a good stop motion clay animation. If you choose the wrong kind of clay you will wrap up being frustrated and disappointed. There are simply a few factors that you need to take into account in order to ensure you get the best results.

I use listed them away here that you should use as helpful information for choosing the best clay. You can also click at to get more details about Clay.

Kiln-fired Hardening Clays

Such a clay have not a lot of usage in Claymation prevent motion. You generally require readily manipulated on friable clay so as to cartoon your clay personalities. This form of clay is usually employed for pottery work.

c700x420.jpg (700×420)

Non-Hardening Clay – Oil-based.

This sort of clay would be the one which is most frequently employed in making Claymation characters. It’s generally petroleum established (also that’s key ) to enable one to earn characters which are readily molded and manipulated into the vast array of positions necessary to reestablish in prevent motion.

Oven baked Clay

This sort of clay is tender until it’s baked in a toaster. It could look as if it’d be unsuited to discontinue motion Claymation since it stinks. However, it’s readily exploited directly into mouthpieces after which hardened in an oven to utilize in language or conversation for clay personalities.

Water Based Clay

These sorts of clay are a no go area for Claymation. The clay injuries its moisture immediately when confronted with the atmosphere and the outcome is that you may observe cracks shape onto the top of one’s Claymation characters. It’s also weak and won’t stand vertical or at the places in that, you present your own characters.

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