The Significance of Looking After Yourself First


First let’s ask why we don’t take care of ourselves? When I ask people, “what do you think when I say put yourself first?” I often get the following responses “It would be selfish”, “I just want people to like me”, “I can do it all”, “I can’t say no”, “I’m too busy”, “I’ve just got to get through this first” and “I’ve got to take care of my kids, husband, parents, friends, etc. first”.

You will not have the ability to look after people you worry about if that you don’t look after yourself first. Itis easy; you distribute neither among you and should younot fit yours on first are likely to make it. If you really want to take care of your health(Also known as“ดูแลสุขภาพตัวเองด้วย” in Thai language) and live a happy life, then you must make sure that you are following the right guidelines and are doing everything in your power to make sure that your body remains fit and healthy.

This makes us feel selfish in the beginning, but your perspective cans alter. It’snot selfish, it is self-complete. By looking after yourself you are not hurting other people. Within the long term you are really helping them aswell. If you continuously look after others’s issues, it’s very hard to allow them to discover they are able to look after themselves, to understand from their errors and create their own self esteem. Looking after oneself isn’t just NOT selfish, however it may be the main method to help others.

Listed below are ways you can begin looking after yourself

1 – take action only for you.

That is something which IS JUST for you. Have a soothing candlelit bath, obtain a massage or spend time in a club.

2 – Get you something.

How come this important? Our community values money. It’s been ingrained within our thoughts as we place value on ourselves. Why? Are not you worthwhile? However would not you, you’d spend it on another person? Therefore worth yourself by purchasing something you’ll take advantage of and just you’ll use. Try an individual grooming device; a robe, a nail spa or a brand new blade.

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