Tools Required For Installing Cables

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For telecommunication networks to work effectively, it is important to ensure that the cables have been installed the right way. There are certain tools used for cable installation, some of which are given below:

1. Cable Tester:

This is one of the basic cable handling equipment that a telecommunications technician would carry around all the time. A cable tester is used to check the connections in a wired assembly. This tool helps ensure that there are no lose connections within the wired assembly lines.

2. Cable Tracker:

This tool helps to trace the different types of wires in an electrical system such as telephone lines and LAN.

3. Punch down Tool:

This is a small tool used by technicians to insert wires on connectors and panels. The tool consists of a handle, a spring mechanism and a removable blade. A wire is placed in a slot and then this tool is used to apply pressure on the wire to fix it into position. Once the wire is secured in position, the removable blade is used to cut off the excess piece of wire.

4. Cable Stripper:

A cable stripper is used to remove the outer insulation from wires and cables.

5. Voltage Detector:

The job of installing cables can be dangerous through exposure to high voltages. Therefore, a voltage detector is a useful tool in installation process as it helps keep track of the voltages and prevents the technician from getting electrocuted.

To conclude, the task of installing cables can be a dangerous one, therefore these tools serve as a guide to choose the right equipment to efficiently work with cables.

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