Types of Alternative Clothing Styles

Alternative fashion is basically a broad range of many different types and styles of clothes that fashionistas from different schools of thought follow. It could mean something as simple as certain colours and shapes to one person and to someone else it could mean something that is completely unique. To most, it simply means fashion that is not main stream. It is simply another way for fashionistas to express themselves and make their styles appear one of a kind. You can buy alternative clothing Australia from Beserk clothing stores.


There are however a few categories which have been considered alternative:

  • Goth Fashion: It is characterised by fishnets and black colour. A Victorian sort of style with dresses and lots of back even in makeup choices. The purpose is to outline all things with dark black and magenta colours.
  • Steampunk: This is basically Victorian novel meeting Jules Verne, it is characterised by Victorian dressing with sci-fi detailing.
  • Pin-up: Reminiscent of the pin-up girls of the 1950’s this look has lots of corset inspired clothing for women while for the males there is a bowling shirt and tailored pants 50’s chic.
  • Hipster: Hipster fashion can definitely be thought of as vintage or thrift store fashion. It started as a progressive political movement but now has become more of a fashion statement.

Alternative fashion definitely sets you apart from the crowd; it is fun and hip and can be basically made into anything you want. Even if you invest in one or two of alternative items to try out a look your wardrobe will definitely become more interesting.

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