Vending Machines in School

Did you know that obesity costs the US over 117 billion dollars every year? How can vending machines in schools fight childhood obesity? The shops and vending machines around the school all carry the unhealthy products with high calories but low protein, it does no benefits to the children’s body. This question may seem like an oxymoron, and cannot be solved easily.

To help kids eat and live healthier at school, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) recently finalized its updated nutrition standards for snacks and beverages sold in schools through vending machines, school stores, a la carte, snack bars, and on-campus fundraisers. Healthy vending machines offer numerous benefits to students, teachers, and administrators alike. Combined with the recent improvements in school lunches, at long last, all foods and beverages sold in schools will soon need to meet healthy nutrition standards. Kids may refuse to eat healthy foods provided in vending machines, but they have strong acceptance ability to the new items, so finally they will go to the vending machine and choose the fresh organic products they like. This is a way to encourage kids eat healthier and set up a good eating habit from childhood.

Now that more and more states are mandating stricter nutrition standards in schools, healthy vending provides a smooth transition into these changing policies. Healthy vending machines also improve student performance. In your average school, from the period after lunch to before school lets out, there is a peak time when students start to get restless. Not only that, schools actually make money through location commissions, meaning they get a percentage of total product sales. Most importantly, students’ health and behavior is improved.

In sum, healthy vending machines in schools give students the energy they need throughout the day. They allow students to perform better, behave better, and feel better. If you want to know more about vending machines, please visit us at

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