Website Design Senior Friendly

How to Make Your Website Design Senior Friendly?

If you are designing a web site which specifically caters senior people then it will be necessary to take into consideration many different web design aspects. These design aspects can help older users use your site properly and complete the task they want to perform while browsing your site. In the following sections let us have a closer look at these design aspects.

Website Designing for Senior People

web designUse of Colors

  • You need to avoid using blue, yellow and green in proximity to each other. According to  National Institutes of Health (NIH) these three color and their juxtapositions are often difficult for senior people to differentiate. In addition to it, you need to make sure that graphics as well as text are properly visible when seen on any black and white screen.
  • As per National Institute on Aging (NIA) it is also better to utilize color combination of high contrast colors, like for example, black text over any white background. Additionally, shades of one color should not be layered like dark blue text over light blue background. In your web design you also need to avoid colors which clash, as for instance, red background with dark blue text can be really difficult to understand.

Spacing, Typeface & Type Size

  1. Use space properly so as to achieve uncluttered look. Additionally, utilize space near clickable targets like links o ensure that it is easy to target those links and click them separately.
  2. Regarding typeface try to use Sans Serif and avoid one which is condensed.
  3. The type size for text on the website should ideally be 14 or 16 point. You should also implement functionality which allows senior people to increase or decrease text size on their own.

Text Alternatives

Senior people can have poor eyesight or have hearing problems. Thus, you may want to include audio files on the site which read out the written text. You can also have video that they can watch as well as listen to the audio. In this context you will have to keep in mind that audio or video files are short so that they can be easily downloaded over slow network connections.

Navigation, Menus & Scrolling

  • Navigation needs to kept consistent on the site and it should be possible for user to reach a page with least number of clicks. Also, make use of text previous page and next page wherever possible to simplify navigation.
  • For older users interacting with moving menus can be hard to use, thus you need to create as simple menu as possible.
  • Regarding scrolling, do not create a page which requires horizontal scrolling. In addition to it, try to reduce vertical scrolling as well.


Thus to conclude it can be said that there are several feature which can be included in any web design to make it senior friendly and increase its usability. These are very simple modifications but when implemented can certainly make it much more easy for senior people to browse as well as use your web site.

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