What Are The Uses For A Coffee Cup?

Everyone has a coffee cup or simply coffee cups. You might have bought them or received one as a gift. You might end up having many coffee cups whereas you only need one. You can use cups for different purposes. Here are some of the ways you can use the extra coffee cups.

You can use disposable coffee cups with lids as small plant pots. A cup is the perfect size for a tiny plant. You can plant a small plant like a flower or a cactus in it. All you have to make sure is that you put it in a place where there is plenty of light.Dont overwater the plant because the cup does not have drainage holes. Your plant will thrive well.

Coffee cups can be used to make candles in them. If you like making candles, you should try making candles in a coffee cup instead of making them in a glass jar. What you need to do is pour your melted wax and add your wick. When it sets, you will have a unique candle at your place. This can save you money from buying the glass jars.

If you share a bathroom with a roommate or even a family member, you can use cups to separate toiletries for example toothbrushes, razors, scissors and pins. This is important as it prevents the spread of infections and also confusing your toothbrush with someone elses.you can also use a cup as a gift holder, for example you can fill a cup with candy and surprise your friend or your co-workers.

If you have a favourite cup, that will eventually get cracked or chipped, break it up and use the pieces to make a ceramic mosaic. If you want to keep your workbench neat and organized, the smaller size cups would be perfect for keeping screws, bolts and washers. In these ways you will ensure that the cups remain in the home and are put into good uses.

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