What Are Your Six Pack Abdominal Muscles?

If you are anything like me, you like to teach yourself about certain things that interest you so you can improve at what you do. For me, this is exploring about the individual abdominal muscles and how they all collaborate to provide your body that "six pack" appearance.

It's significant to know what exactly you are working out, why you are doing it, and how to achieve it the precise way. You don't like to do something without having any understanding of it right? This is why I wrote this article, to better help you comprehend precisely what you are working out when you do abdominal exercises.  You can visit http://supplementshealth.com/abs-after-40 to learn how to get six pack abs.

Plus, when you comprehend what you are exercising and how it all works, you may probably be one step above everyone else and really know how to give definite abdominal muscles the complete best workout. Your six pack abdominals are composed of three separate abdominal muscles groups. The first muscle group is the rectus abdominus, and this is what actually forms the notorious six packs.

The second muscle group is the oblique abdominals, and these are what comprise your waist muscles and are usually found beneath the fatty layer we like to call "love handles." The last muscle group is the transverse abdominus and these are fundamentally the hidden stomach muscles that are actually much harder to work out.

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