What Is A Fireplace Mantel?

A fireplace mantle is somewhat that will go over the enclosure of your fireplace. This pretty piece sits above your fireplace. You can use it for just about everything and it will make a declaration in your home.

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A fireplace mantel can be made of a lot of different things. There are selected that are more stylish and others that are more modern or even country flair. They can be made from any substantial that you would like best. You can make your own or you can have one custom made to fit your fireplace.

Mantels can be made from wood, stone, ceramic, or brick. The material can be made from everything that is not burnable. It will have to be durable and threatening. This is something that will cover the fireplace that you have in your home. You will want to have somewhat that will be able to withstand the heat that comes from the fireplace. You do not want the mantel to be tumbledown or to get marked from the fire and the smoke that comes from the fireplace.

Mantels are a great way to decorate your home. You will find that the fireplace in your home is one of the main focal points. You will see that many people take notice of your fireplace and they will compliment you on the mantel that you have.


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