What Is The Difference Between Various Treatments And Cures Of Sciatica Nerve Pain?

Sciatica is the symptoms referred to the pain that is felt in the nerve roots that begins in the lower back, travels down the buttocks, from the back of legs, calf up to the feet. These nerves are known as sciatic nerves and are present in each of the legs. Sciatic pain generally occurs on one side of the body. Sciatica nerve pain can be measured as dull, achy, mild, severe, chronic, acute, short-term, and long-term.

The acute or short-term pain easily goes away within few weeks with some rest, exercises, and medications. If pain persists for more than few weeks than it should be immediately consulted with the expert and be cured with effective treatment methods. Severe and chronic back pain needs to be treated with surgery or long due treatment.

Sciatic nerve is said to be the largest nerve of the body. It is a nerve related problem that affects the whole body scenario and routine. Any kind of nerve compression or dislocation leads to pain. Sciatica pain causes irritation and discomfort in the whole body. It makes people immovable and makes it difficult to perform day to day activities.

Sciatica pain affects the whole lower body and if not taken care of on time than it may lead to loss of function, limb or immovability in future. Back solutions clinic is the most trusted in treating and diagnosing any kind of problem that is related to the spine, especially lower back pain and sciatica.  The various common causes of sciatica are as follows:

  • Herniated disc.
  • Disc degenerative disorder.
  • Slipped disc and spondylosis.
  • Pinched nerve and compressed nerve.
  • Muscle strains and spasms.
  • Ligament tear or damage.
  • Bad body posture while sitting, sleeping, standing and bending.
  • Piriformis Syndrome.
  • Infection.
  • Injury or accident or sudden trauma.
  • Lifting heavy weight with a jerk.
  • Stress and depression.
  • Strenuous jobs like long sitting and standing working hours.
  • Lack of physical movement or exercises.
  • Being overweight or obesity.
  • Stiffness.
  • Inflammation and swelling.
  • Insomnia or sleep disorder.
  • Smoking and being alcoholic.

It is very difficult to diagnose sciatica as the symptoms, the condition is varied and different from person to person. Sciatica treatment is done after doing a full thorough medical and physical examination along with some tests and studying full medical case history of the patient.

There is no specific difference between the sciatica treatment and its cure, it only a change of symmetry. There are a set of non-surgical methods and treatments which help to cure sciatica pain of its root and effectively. They are:

  • Medications – Various pain relieving, anti-inflammatory medicines, drugs, and steroidal injection are available in the market to reduce pain and provide body relief.
  • Heat and ice therapy – Heat therapy helps in increasing the blood circulation flow of the pain affected area, releases essential nutrients and removes waste toxins from the body. Icing numbs the area, reduces inflammation and provides pain relief.
  • Core strengthening and stretching exercises – A set of core strengthening and stretching exercises routine help to open up the nerves, makes body relax, increases blood circulation flow, makes one energetic and also makes abdominal ad back muscles strong which help the back in supporting body’s weight.
  • Yoga, aerobics, and acupuncture.

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