What Makes Shailendra Singh Invest On A Certain Venture

Spotted recently at a tech meet, Shailendra Singh at Sequoia Capital India gives his views and ideas to the audience about the sudden pace down in investments in foodtech and hyperlocal sectors. The reply that Mr singh offered was that one never knows what lies behind the cloud and what exactly does the sky has for us. It can be gentle drizzle or a hurricane. But it’s wiser to carry an umbrella with you. 

From thereon, the conversation took a drift on the entrepreneur's ideal approach to towards fund raising. Shailendra suggested that it is not correct to judge the interest of the investor in accordance to what people are favoring at a certain time. Keeping in mind that the needs of the consumers keep evolving, a company needs to try to get par with them in an experimental way.

So what makes Shailendra invest in a certain venture? In his words, it often starts with the founder:

When I started, there were certain parameters. I believe most starters think that way. I have always believed that the best things in life are not measurable. Likewise, you cannot evaluate a start-up with based on only a certain metrics.”

What does the trick for Shailendra is the passion, clarity, chemistry, and motivation of the team he deals with. He describes it as a process of realization in your mind that throws up questions like, ‘Is it wise to invest for 5-10 years in that venture?’

Having associated with Sequoia capital India Shailendra Singh can call off an uncertain idea or two. What gives him the hint? “Exaggerated metrics,” he replies appropriately. As an investor, the key is that one should be able to trust the founder.

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