Why Choose Refillable E-Cigarettes Over Disposable Ones?

Electronic cigarettes have started winning over customers from traditional cigarette brands as more and more people are experiencing the benefits of electronic cigarettes. The biggest benefit of course is the absence of tar and other toxic substances that are present in tobacco smoke. Various other benefits are found however, and some e-cig bloggers list other benefits you may not have even thought of. One example is ‘E-Cigarette Review Centre’ where they discuss the benefits to health of converting to these devices, some useful reading there.

Electronic cigarettes have a vaporizer or atomizer that vaporizes the smoking liquid which can be inhaled to deliver nicotine to the body. A red LED at the tip that glows with every puff adds to the experience along with water vapor that can be exhaled in the form of smoke. The liquid that is used in the cigarettes contains nicotine concentrate and flavor juice mixed in a suspension liquid. The e-cigarette looks like a real cigarette and manufacturers have been trying to make it feel like a real cigarette as much as possible as well.

There are different types of electronic cigarettes available today. While some are disposable which can be used for some time and then just thrown away, others can be refilled once the nicotine liquid is used up. A combination of the two is also available where the liquid cartridges are disposable but the device remains the same.

Refillable e-cigarettes have a higher initial cost but can turn out to be more economical over time. Buying the starting kit is costlier but later buying only refilling liquid means you pay less for a given number of puffs.

The other advantages of refillable e-cigarettes are:

  • They give a lot of freedom to the user in terms of flavors and nicotine content.
  • Users can customize the refilling liquid and mix and match different flavors.
  • Once a user buys an e-cigarette from one manufacturer they can later choose to use refilling liquid from another if they want to try out other flavors and brands without having to buy another device.
  • The refilling liquid used in most cigarettes contains propylene glycol which some people can be allergic to. In such cases they can buy specialized refilling liquid that contains vegetable glycol.
  • Users can choose the e-cigarette based on its looks and battery performance from one brand and choose the liquid based on nicotine content and flavor from another brand.


One disadvantage of using a refillable e-cigarette is the time it takes to refill the cigarette and some people prefer to have something they can use and throw just like real tobacco cigarettes.

The choice in the end varies from user to user according to their personal preference. While some users want the flexibility and customizability of refillable e-cigarettes, others want the ease of use of a disposable one. Some choose to start with disposable e-cigarettes to try out the experience without having to invest a lot of money in it. But in the long run refillable e-cigarettes are best as they turn out to be much more economical. If you want to shift to smoking e-cigarettes then you should consider investing in refillable e-cigarettes so that you can try out different combinations of flavor and nicotine concentration to find what suits best to you.

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