Why traditional digital transcription method still tops the chart?

Transcribing audio or video files into various types of written text formats is called transcription. Many companies hire professional digital transcription services for high accuracy and fast turnaround reasons. Speed, timeliness and accuracy are the three factors that are looked for in transcription services.

Manual transcription remain to top the charts of digital transcription services for the high accuracy and quality output that is delivered in a timely manner.If you are looking for fast turnaround transcription services then it is always advisable to choose manual transcription services, although stated as old school, it remains the best when it comes to output.

Although automatic digital transcription services has been around for a decade now it has failed to deliver transcriptions in a professional way.It has not able pick out on slurred, particular accent and distorted speech resulting in low accuracy. Manual transcription has seen high success for the high accuracy and quality offered.

A computer transcribes speech based on certain sound patterns and cannot distinguish between the speakers.It can only transcribe in a controlled atmosphere and cannot pick up on dialect variations and cultural inflections. It does not even play a sentence or a phrase multiple times to perceive what the speaker is saying resulting in low accuracy unlike human transcribers that play the audio string multiple times to transcribe the speech accurately.

Manual transcription services works best for those clients that look for high quality services and accuracy such as legal field and medical fields as the machines sometimes fail to transcribe the specific terminology used in these fields.The transcriptions that involve human transcribers offers many more advantages as they are free from sentence or phrase omissions or addition of extra words or sentences. After all error free services are imperative when it comes to hiring digital transcription services.

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